Pet Passports

The pet passport scheme has now been in place since February 2000 and permits the travel of your dog and cat within Europe without the need to go through quarantine on re-entering the UK. There are certain conditions that need to be met before your pet is issued with a passport, and the process can take around 6 months to complete (depending on the success of blood tests), so ensure that you are well prepared and allow plenty of time before your departure date to complete the process.

All pets must be vaccinated against rabbies, and a blood test done to prove the vaccine has worked. It is possible to have just the one vaccine before the test is done, but some vets prefer to give 2 vaccines several weeks apart to better ensure that the blood test results are positive. If only one vaccine is given and the blood test is negative you will have to pay for a 2nd vaccine and test.

The animal must also be micro-chipped. This procedure is cheaper if done in conjunction with the pet travel scheme.

The vet must issue a certificate to prove that the animal is fit for travel (normally within 48 hours of travel) nd that the animal has received flea, tick and worm treatment.

All this paperwork and the animals chip will be checked at the relevent port before leaving the country. Only certain carriers are licenced to take animals, but most travel booking websites now ask if you are travelling with a pet.

Once abroad you must ensure that the animal is seen by a vet between 24 and 48 hours before returningto the UK and given the appropriate flea, tick and wormer treatment. Please bear this in mind when booking return travel dates to ensure that you can see a vet within the specified time-frame. It may be worthwile asking your vet for this treatment before you leave the UK so you are sure that your animal has received the correct treatment, particularly if you are worried about your knowledge of French. The vets should know the correct products to give, but there have been problems in the past where the treatment given has not been a recognised treatment under the PETS scheme.

If you fail to meet any of this criteria you will not be allowed to travel with your animal. If you return to the UK and your paperwork is not in order your animal will either be put into quarrantine, or you will have to return to France immediately and go through the procedure again. You will have to wait 24 hours after the treatment before you can return.

For further information see the DEFRA website

As a rule, veterinary treatment and products are cheaper in France. It is also possible to buy many veterinary products and medications in the pharmacies, often without a perscription or "ordenance". Alternatively try Petmeds an online pet healthcare company. They offer perscription medications at up to 50% cheaper than UK vets.








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