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In France all tradesmen must be qualified and registered. In order to be registered you must normally prove you have the qualifications to do the job, and or you have 5 years or more experience in your particular trade. Registered workers are identifiable by a Siret number (14 digit number). This number is unique to them and is issued by the Chamber of Metièrs where they will normally be registered. The artisan or tradesman should also carry a "Metièr card" with all their registration details shown. It is possible to check if someone is legally registered via several websites:

Siret number verification

Check a Siret number

Tradesmen must also be insured. They cannot get this insurance without being registered. the insurance not only covers them whilst they are in your home, but also guarantees their work for up to 10 years (for block and construction work). Less for other projects. This insurance only covers you against the artisans' work, and does not cover you for "failure" of materials. That is down to the manufactures, and these should have separate guarantees (eg; windows etc).

Think very carefully before employing anyone who is not registered ("on the black") as the penalties are very high. It is not only the worker who is liable for prosecution and a fine, but also you as the employer. The fine can run as high as 20 thousand euros. If you employ an unregistered tradesman and they are injured whilst working on your property you are also liable to pay their social security payments for the time they are unable to work. You may not be aware that there is a legal limit to the amount of cash you can pay an individual. Again be wary if you are offered a job for cash (liquide or espéce). It could mean that the tradesman is not registered an or not insured.

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Cheque d'emploi

It is possible to employ labour under what is known a "Le Cheque d'emploi". This system allows you to pay for services such as gardening, baby sitting, cleaning etc..

In order to use this system you (as an employee) must be resident in France and hold a French bank account. Your employer must also have an address in France and hold a French bank account. It is the employer who must ask their bank for a “demande d’adhésion”. This form should be completed and returned to the bank. You will also be asked to complete an authorisation allowing the CNTCES to deduct cotisation.

Download a "demand d' adhésion" here

Once these forms have been processed (usually a few days) you will receive a cheque book of 20 cheques along with 20 Volets sociaux. There will also be pre-addressed envelopes to return the Volets as they are completed.

You must complete the details of the employee and the number of hours worked (no 1/2 hours), and the net salary . Note that the hourly rate cannot be lower that that dictated by SMIC. You then have 2 options for contributions:

a. Base forfaitaire - the calculations are made based on the SMIC gross plus 10% for paid leave whatever the net salary. The social cover for your employee is less advantageous.

b. Real salary - the contributions are calculated on the gross salary. The employee benefits from a much wider social cover with this option.

The employer is able to offset 50 percent of payments against their annual tax return.

There is a limit to the amount you are allowed to earn under the scheme. The current limits are:

For further information on the Cheque d'emploi click here for the URSSAF website.

This system may seem strange to many people but it is widely accepted in France.

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