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Limousin resident Jamie Buckley has taken his passion for gardening and cooking and turned it into a book based on his life, garden and recipe ideas.

I have been inspired to grow my own lovely fruit and vegetables, from which I am thengarden inspired to turn into wonderful food recipes. I love thinking of new and diferent ways to turn the wonderful fresh produce that I grow into mouthwatering meals. I have been inspired from famous programmes, chefs and some special people in my life to share my magical life with as many people as possible.  I have a lot of subjects in life that I am passionate about, to be a great dad and give my son something to be proud about and watching things grow from seed into a wonderful fruit or vegetable then turning it into a great eating experience.  With the help of my website YUMMY you will be able to recipefollow the garden through the four seasons. What to plant, when to harvest and how to grow. As you will see you can grow produce in just about any container, a process I like to call "Eclectic gardening".  The recipe section is where you will find some of my yummy creations, and there is a also a page where you can  add some of your own favourite creations too. I have  also included a few articles dedicated to "My France", covering the area where I live, it's customs and people and a bit about the coast.  Please keep coming back  as I will be adding bits and pieces regularly, and don't forget to tell others about Yummy. I have also published a book called Yummy, My Garden, My Food and My France. This is a collection of photos, words and recipes based on my life here in the Limousin.


Robin and Judy Chatfield run a B&B in the Haute Vienne. Here is their story;

Robin and I ran a successful picture framing business in Kent for 20 years but, like so many others, decided to escape to France for a more peaceful life.  We fell in love with our big, beautiful maison bourgeoise and it seemed such a bargain with so much potential.  But again, like so many others, we didn't really do our homework and before long we realised that financially we were not going to survive simply running a bed and breakfast.... . click here for more  ..


Tony and Lisa bought an old presbytery in the Haute Vienne and run a Chambres d'hôtes. The house has been beautifully restored and they offer courses in self sufficiency and falconry. Sounds ideal...... Lisa shares their "adventure" with us here.

We started our quest towards self sufficiency in Sept 2006 (after being inspired by Hugh to try to recreate River Cottage in France) when we purchased our derelict house and about 1 hectare of  land in the hamlet of Voulons ,Haute Vienne, Limousin (unfortunately not Dorset or Devon but very close in terms of climate and countryside although hotter in summer)......

Our eventual plan is to have courses for all aspects of self sufficiency and accommodation. We are also hoping that there will be winter hunting available very soon carried out british style as the french pastime of hunting is not very ethical..click here for more......


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